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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ooo... Que Rica

When we walked onto the beach near Port Olimpic, we heard the cat calls of a stout old man fondling his nibbles 'n bits as he showered on the beach. 

"Ooo... Que rica!" he called to the female passersby. How rich! So nice!

While I don't advocate strange hobo harassment on most beaches, I have to agree with him with regard to the location and sheer beauty of Barcelona's warm Mediterranean seaside. Even though Serena got stung by a jellyfish (which the Spanish call medusas), the afternoon was well-spent dozing on rented beach chairs and wandering back to Eixample via the Metro. 

Maybe it's strange that we've longed to return to Barcelona for its beaches, particularly since our hands-down favorite beach is our hometown break at Zuma in Malibu (which is name-checked on all sorts of merchandise here, ironically), but when we bathed in the sunshine yesterday, we weren't disappointed. 

It's raining now, but we'll be here a few more days. If it's sunny, you know where to find us.

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