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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How Do They Do It? Roman Feats of Wonder

Largo di Torre Argentina - this archeological site
has been excavated under the medieval city and turned
into a cat sanctuary. I'm not kidding!
The big holes in the walls of the Coliseum represent a pillaging for
metal; when the Christians began to rule Rome, they took metal and other materials from the
ancient imperial Roman structures and reused (recycled!) them to build churches.
These holes were bored into various columns to find the metal poles that held the columns up,
then they were heated so the metal would pour out. Genius. Except that the columns were no
longer reinforced against seismic or volcanic activity...
We've seen these guys at various sites around the city.
I think the guy on top is sitting on a pedestal that is supported by a
zigzagged pole located within the bottom guy's orange shirt.
Smart cars are great in Rome because they can be
 parked either forward or sideways - makes no difference!

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