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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beach Day

We love the beach. When we saw San Sebastia (strange coincidence that it's so close in name to San Sebastian, eh?) from the aerial cable car yesterday, we decided to spend our Sunday morning there and get a feeling for yet another beach on another shore of another body of water. Plus, the water temperature was supposed to be about 78 degrees, so we suited up and hailed taxis and were off to experience the Mediterranean Sea-side for ourselves.

This is a family blog, so I am only including a few pix of my family, but it really doesn't give you the flavor of the crowd on the beach. You may remember that on the first morning in Barcelona we had seen a naked guy walking on the street. Well, the beach offered that sort of a view...but from every gender, culture, age, level of attractiveness... We saw topless women playing ping pong with their kids and naked men using the outdoor shower. There was one girl with an all-over tan who was walking on the beach with her bag slung over her shoulder, next to a naked guy with a tan line from here to there. I guess what I'm saying is that my kids don't need National Geographic anymore. And I guess I need to say that the idea of a nude beach is WAY MORE interesting than the reality. Who really wants to see a geriatric man swingin' his junk in the open air, then diving into the ocean?

But that's the weird part. The beach and water was actually glorious, once you got past the sharp, rocky entry and quickly crashing waves. Since the impact zone was only a few feet from the shore, you could easily dive in and then just bob your way along in the warm waters of the Med, sunning yourself as you float along. Serena and I loved it - she didn't want to get out, not even to get a popsicle. For a family of beach-lovers, it was a necessary break from the hot and sweaty touristy sections of Barcelona, even if it meant a front-row view of its residents' beachside peep show.

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