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Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Diane Lane Moment

Just a little sunshine on a stem.
I'm lucky that one of my celebrity "look-alikes" (well, hint of a resemblance, I think) is Diane Lane.  I've known people who hear stuff like "You look just like Rosie O'Donnell," which sucks and wasn't at all true, so having Diane Lane as my "if you squint in the mirror, you'll see what I mean" celeb look-alike is a boost to my ego.  Especially if they mean the Diane Lane of "Unfaithful" who gets it on with the hot French dude... but I'm digressing.  

Anyway, I identify with Diane Lane's character in the Tuscan movie, and I realized when I looked at these pix from our walk yesterday that yeah, I do see a little resemblance.  Lucky me.  

Next thing you know, I'll be buying a horse and winning the Triple Crown.  All in good time...

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