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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rose Bowl Flea Market

The Rose Bowl Flea Market is not only a large congregation of avid scavengers, hoping for a good deal or a collectible find. It is also a damn good time, if you're up for a little dirt, dust and sun.

For instance, my girlfriend KP found this saber and a few other dagger holsters (I mean, really, is there a term for those??). I'm thinking she could just attach one to her belt and voila! Instant glamour.
Her son and I found a frozen lemonade stand and shared a frosty treat. Doesn't look like he's happy to share his lemonade with a weird cougar in a floppy old hat, but I assure you, he was just fine.

This is a photo of our husbands, mine holding a real set of antlers, checking out antique rifles and Swiss Army knives. You know, like every other Sunday.

My finds for the day: a vintage polyester dress (Halston-esque, but only $5), a framed 1970s photo of a mom and two kids dressed as Indians in front of a homemade teepee, a 1960s 8x10 b/w photo of four teen girls on carousel horses, a nicely worn leather Coach purse (for $25!), and of course the antlers, which I'll display in our new house in the rural horse country of Conejo Valley.

Fleas? Heavens, no. Just a whole lotta market and roses among the dirt.

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