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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Playing Pirates in Bermuda

The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) is a place in Bermuda that celebrates the treasure hunt of undersea exploration, namely of the shipwreck sites around the Bermuda Islands. Remember the movie The Deep? Well, apart from a wet Jacqueline Bissett in her 1977 glory, the movie was about deep sea divers off the coast of Bermuda and was a fictional account of the real-life dives of Bermuda's own Teddy Tucker.

Since it was a wet, rainy/windy day and the Causeway was closed (and no buses were running) due to the high winds, our plans to visit the towne of St. George were squashed. Luckily, our trusted concierge at the Princess, Schavonne, suggested this amazing interactive museum, which was within walking distance of our hotel. Sure, it's a kid-centric museum, but the place was utterly empty because of the weather and the season, so my sister and I were able to run wild, reading each exhibit and really enjoying the spoils of pirate treasure.

For example, this is an actual treasure chest!

And this is a replica of the famous Tucker Cross, the pinnacle of Teddy Tucker's shipwreck booty from a Spanish galleon, which wrecked on Bermuda's outlying coral reefs in the 1600's... I say "replica" because apparently the real cross was stolen and this cross was left in its place. Tucker discovered this trickery when the "cross" was being prepared for an international exhibit in the 1970s. I thought that was fascinating - the detail that must have gone into creating this replica is nearly as intriguing as the motives behind stealing it. This mystery has never been solved... I wonder who has the cross in their collection...

My sister indulged me by stepping onto the "shark tank" platform... I wouldn't do it. Basically, you step onto this platform and you're surrounded by moving images of sharks checking you out... and a Great White suddenly ramming up to the cage with its huge mouth and sharp teeth wide open for all to see! Don't know why this doesn't bother her; this is the girl who has an unnatural fear of cows...

My sister in an old-school diving helmet.

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